Our People

Our People
In asset management it is who you are, your people, your ethics, your commitment and expertise that define how well you can manage an asset to get the best result.

Responsibility, transparency, innovation, partnership, effectiveness

We always operate driven by our values.
Our corporate culture guides the way we think, feel and act.
Our values  contribute generously to fulfilling the doValue vision. This is why we always operate guided by integrity, responsibility and transparency.
We make the most of our infrastructure and our human resources. At the same time, we operate with a deep sense of social responsibility.

Expertise in NPL management

Our investors trust us for our vast knowledge and wide experience.
Our management team has long experience in financial and debt management.
Most of our executives have been working in NPL management for many years. They have held senior management positions in the banking sector for more than 15 years on average.
More than 64% of our people hold a higher education diploma.

Continuous and targeted training

We give opportunities to our people to broaden their knowledge.
All our people receive continuous and targeted training based on modern practices. We fine tune their skills with suitable training tools.
We encourage our people to actively participate in shaping their educational profile.
To meet our training needs, we work with our own fully qualified trainers and recognised external educational bodies.

Start your career at doValue

We choose our associates based on meritocracy.
It is important that our people cherish the values of doValue Greece and demonstrate professionalism.
When we choose new associates, we follow meritocratic processes. We take into account the overall profile of candidates, their skills and their knowledge.
We offer specialised guidance to our people so that they can develop professionally in a dynamic environment. We encourage innovation and creative collaboration.
If you want to embark on your career with us, check out the job openings.