Change of Servicer of Receivables of Hellas 2P – Information on the Transfer of Personal Data

23 August 2021

Following your prior information on (a) the transfer performed on 17.12.2018 to the special purpose entity "Hellas 2P Investment Designated Activity Company", headquartered in the Republic of Ireland (32 Molesworth, Dublin 2) and with company registration number 635695 (hereinafter Hellas 2P), from the société anonyme under the trade name "Eurobank S.A." of its receivables deriving from loan and credit card contracts, in accordance with the provisions of article 3 of Law 4354/2015 (hereinafter the Claims), (b) the assignment of the servicing of these Claims by Hellas 2P to the company under the trade name "doValue Greece Loan and Credit Claims Management Société Anonyme ", with the distinctive title "doValue Greece" (as the company "Eurobank FPS Loan and Credit Claims Management Société Anonyme” was renamed), which has been legally licensed by the Bank of Greece and operates as a loan and credit claims servicing company, in accordance with Article 1 of Law 4354/2015, (Decision 220/1 / 13.03.2017 of the Credit and Insurance Committee of the Bank of Greece, published in Government Gazette B '880 / 16.03.2017) (hereinafter doValue Greece) and (c) the transfer of personal data of natural persons related to the Claims under any capacity to doValue Greece, by order and on behalf of Hellas 2P, for the purpose of servicing of the respective Claims, the following are announced:

Hellas 2P assigned on 6 December 2020 (hereinafter Date of Change of Servicer) the management of the Claims to the société anonyme under the name "B2Kapital Single Member Societe Anonyme for the Management of Loan and Credit Claims SA" with the distinctive title "B2Kapital S.A." (hereinafter the New Servicer), with number GEMI 140536701000, in accordance with the current legal framework. The New Servicer is based in Athens (street Kifissias Avenue, number 1-3) and is a servicing company of Law 4354/2015, which is licensed and supervised by the Bank of Greece (decision 241/10 / 31.07.2017 of the Bank of Greece Credit and Insurance Committee, published in Government Gazette B'2861/21.08.2017). It is noted that the New Servicer had already been appointed since December 2018 as Coordinator Servicer of the Claims.

In accordance with the aforesaid and, in addition to the individual letters that have been sent to borrowers, co-borrowers, co-obligors and guarantors of the Claims by Hellas 2P and the New Servicer, doValue Greece informs the natural persons that are related to the Claims under any capacity: (indicatively: borrowers, guarantors, third parties – providers of security, special or universal successors of the above, partners of legal entities or their legal representatives, shareholders and real beneficiaries of legal persons or entities, proxies, representatives, employees / associates, family members, lawyers, agents of the above, notaries, bailiffs, etc.) (hereinafter Data Subjects) that, as a result of the above change of the servicer of the Claims, their personal data concerning such Claims or related thereto (hereinafter the Personal Data) have been transferred at the Date of Change of Servicer from doValue Greece to the New Servicer by order and on behalf of Hellas 2P, for the purpose of servicing. Please note that doValue Greece continued to operate under the capacity of servicer of the respective Claims of Hellas 2P until the Date of Change of Servicer.

After the Administrator Change Date, Hellas 2P and the New Servicer became responsible for processing the Personal Data of the Data Subjects. Detailed information on the processing of Personal Data by Hellas 2P and the New Servicer can be obtained from the "Information Notice for the Processing of Personal Data" of the New Servicer, which is available on its website at From the Date of Change of Servicer onwards, the Data Subjects can exercise their rights provided by the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 in relation to the above processing of Personal Data, by contacting the New Servicer, according to the provisions of the above Information Notice for the Processing of Personal Data by the New Servicer.

After the Date of Change of Servicer, doValue Greece continues to keep the Personal Data related to the Claims, only to the extent that is necessary in order to comply with the applicable legal and regulatory framework, as defined in the "Personal data Processing Notice of doValue Greece Pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the Relevant Greek and European Legislation" of doValue Greece, which you may find at:

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