New digital services from doValue Greece to the 800,000 deptors it deals with
New digital services from doValue Greece to the 800,000 deptors it deals with New digital services from doValue Greece to the 800,000 deptors it deals with
18 October 2023

Mononews: New digital services from doValue Greece to the 800,000 debtors it deals with

A range of new digital services support the 800,000+ debtors that doValue Greece deals with. Mr Tasos Panousis, CEO of doValue Greece, in a recent letter to the company's staff, noted "the use of technology is essential to respond to a volume of work that is not widely known, but the burden is borne by you who are called upon to handle it. doValue Greece is the largest company in our industry (Loan and Credit Claim Management Companies), with a portfolio that includes over 1,000,000 loans ".

As Mr Panousis states in his letter, among other things, the company receives about 2,000 calls daily and with the effort of its employees has reached, with great strides forward, a level of almost universal response. In September it received about 30,000 calls, of which it answered and serviced 95%, while in total it has received over 350,000 calls to its call center since the beginning of the year.

"In total, by September we responded to 80,000 requests from debtors in each thematic category, such as requests for debt adjustment, information, provision of documents, loan balance information, payment details, etc. We have responded to a total of 5,000 debtor complaints. Each debtor has their own needs, expectations, and requirements, which we try to meet but it is not always possible. However, all 5,000 received a full and thorough response to their case. In the face of such a volume of work, it is only natural that there would be, as indeed there have been, delays, failures, and human error. However, watching your work day in and day out, we are aware of your high level of professionalism, your concern for the debtor and your sincere willingness to do everything possible to enable a solution to be found for each one of them - a solution that is viable in the long term, that meets their financial realities and that gets them out of the impasse of non-compliance with debts once and for all," he adds.

The new digital tools
Mr Panousis refers to some of the digital tools that are now available on-line, through the company's website to debtors and that allow further automation of daily tasks of the staff:

Digital registration of debtor's requests at, with automatic assignment to the competent service team and sending of a confirmatory reply to the debtor with a unique No. Request. This unique No. Request allows further digital search of its progress through the website of doValue Greece.
Personalized and secure information page for the debtor's loan relationship (My e-Account) with real-time information about the account number of his loan, aiming at optimizing the debtor's experience as well as immediate processing and response to the request submitted.
E - payment of a debt via Debit Card.
Automation of the production, signing and dispatch of debt certificates, with the aim of drastically reducing the response time to the relevant requests.
Automation of the production, signing and sending of repayment certificates to debtors, upon repayment of their debt, without them having to submit a prior request.
Automation of digital signatures either in bulk or individually for a range of documents such as account transactions, settlement agreements, response letters to requests etc., with automatic distribution to final recipients through a secure electronic manner.
• Electronic communication/meeting with debtors ("On-line advisor") providing the possibility for remote digital signing of contracts via video call with the debtor and his representatives.
Remote digital KYC integration (Debtor Information Update Process).
At the same time, the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system of the company's call center has been upgraded, enabling:
Automatic debtor identification during their telephone contact with the company.
Automatic and interactive telephone service to the debtor for debt adjustment and balance information.

"We continue to implement new functionalities that will drastically reduce the response time to categories of requests that have been the cause of a significant number of legitimate complaints," Mr Panousis added and referred to the

Automatic information to debtors on available payment methods per loan relationship/ portfolio of receivables.
• Automatic notification of overdue debt by loan relationship.
Pilot implementation of information/services through new digital technologies such as, via Chatbot on doValue Greece website, Viber and e-platform.

"The continuous improvement of the quality of the services we provide to our debtors is our obligation, comes as a constant request from our supervisor, whose suggestions and observations we take fully into account, but above all it is a key component of our professional culture", Mr Panousis said.

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