My e-Servicing Portal

My e-Servicing Portal
My e-Servicing Portal
Personalized e-Platform for Debtor’s Information

Log into the Personalized e-Platform for Debtor’s InformationMy e-Servicing Portal to view information about your debt, such as your balance, next instalment and interest rate.

To register, you need to have at hand your mobile number, email and taxisnet credentials. To log in to the platform from then onwards, you will need to use the credentials you created when you registered.

  • If your debt belongs to one of the following portfolios, choose the relevant link:

Cairo No1 Finance DAC - Cairo No2 Finance DAC - Frontier Issuer DAC - Frontier II Issuer DAC - Mexico Finance DAC - Intrum Hellas DAC - Intrum Hellas DAC – πρώην Cairo 1 ή 2 - Creditable Opportunities Fund SCA SICAV-RAIF - Gramilton DAC - XYQ LUXCO S.À R.L - Eagle Issuer DAC - Creditable Opportunities Fund SCA SICAV-RAIF (previous Cairo 1/Cairo 2) - Corinth Financial Investor DAC


  • If your debt belongs to the Eurobank Portfolio, ERB Recovery Dac, or Portfolio of Attica Bank you may submit a request through the doValue Greece Wizard

You can also call us on +30 210 4847500 (9:00 am – 5:00 pm on business days).Every time you contact us, make sure you have available your loan account number and tax number (AFM).


1) How can I register on / log into the Personalized e-Platform for Debtor’s Information - My e-Servicing Portal?

To register on the Personalized e-Platform for Debtor’s Information - Μy e-servicing platform, you must have an email address, mobile number and taxisnet credentials.

•    Select "Register/Login" and fill in the requested information.
•    Enter your email in the username field and a password of your choice, based on the password creation instructions on screen, in the password field. 
•    You are automatically transferred to the eGoV-KYC platform in order to be identified. The identification process is carried out using taxisnet codes, only at the stage of your registration and is not required at each subsequent login to the platform.
•    Confirm the information required for your identification in order to complete the relevant process.
•    Once you have registered successfully, in order to log into the platform use the username and password you have stated on the registration process from then onwards.
•    If you forget your password, choose “Forgot my credentials” and we will send you an email with a link to recover it.
•    If you have forgotten your Username, you can refer to the email you received during your registration process in My e-Servicing Portal which indicates the email you have declared as username.

In case you are acting in your capacity as legal representative of a legal entity press here.

2) Is my debt status the most up-to-date one?

The depicted amounts/details are based on the date when the Company's systems were last updated and do not reflect your current debt.

3) How is the privacy of my debt status protected?

Though the registration process (login process), whereby the login is confirmed through your mobile and email, but also the authentication process through e-Gov, whereby we ensure that you will be the final recipient of the information on the platform.

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