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doResponsible Financial Center
doResponsible Financial Center
The Financial Responsibility Centre contributes to strengthening the financial literacy and education of young adults


 doresponsible Financial Center


doValue, in collaboration with the Finance Laboratory of the Department of Organization and Business Administration of the University of Piraeus and under the scientific supervision of Professor of Finance at the University of Piraeus Nikolaos D. Philippas, is creating the doValue doResponsible Financial Centre. The activities of the Center will focus on young adults aged 18-25, mainly graduate and undergraduate students, aiming to offer them the fundamental financial knowledge needed to empower them to manage their finances and achieve their goals in a sustainable way.

The Financial Responsibility Centre will work on two main pillars: the first is Educational and the second is Informative.

In the first pillar, Education, e-Learning seminars for 30-50 people of 2 months duration (16-20 hours) on "Financial Literacy and Financial Responsibility" will be held during the year. Upon completion, participants will receive a “Certificate of Successful Attendance” from the Training and Lifelong Learning Centre of the University of Piraeus and the doValue Financial Responsibility Centre.

In the Informative pillar, digital material will be created on a quarterly basis focusing on 4 topics:

  • Financial literacy
  • Financial responsibility
  • Financial health and well-being
  • Savings

The content will also be adapted for use in podcasts and videos. As regards the podcast particularly, a communication medium of choice for younger audiences, the material will be made more accessible and understandable through discussion sessions. According to the Center’s action plan, 10-12 thematic discussions of about 15 minutes each will be created.

All information material will be distributed to target groups within the age bracket that falls in the scope of the Financial Responsibility Centre.

Contact the Financial Responsibility Centre at [email protected]