Financial Responsibility Center

Financial Responsibility Center by doValue Greece doResponsible Financial Center
Financial Responsibility Center by doValue Greece doResponsible Financial Center
Financial Responsibility Center doResponsible Financial Center
13 March 2024

doValue, recognizing the importance of its role in the financial system, seeks to act professionally, responsibly, and prudently in relation to its employees, investors, debtors, and society.

In this context it develops Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives through doValue’s #LifeValues Program which is enriched with the creation of an innovative Financial Responsibility Center.

The Financial Responsibility Center (“doResponsible Financial Center”) will be established in collaboration withthe Finance Laboratory of the Department of Organization and Business Administration of the University of Piraeus under the scientific supervision of Professor of Finance at the University of Piraeus Nikolaos D. Philippas. It will focus on young people aged 18 – 25 years old, mainly students regardless of field of study, aiming to offer them financial knowledge that will help them achieve their financial goals in a sustainable way in the future.

The Financial Responsibility Center will focus on two pillars: 1. Educational and 2. Informative.

In the first pillar, that of Education, E-Learning seminars for 30-50 people of 2 months duration (16-20 hours) will be implemented throughout the year on "Financial Literacy and Financial Responsibility". Upon completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Successful Attendance from the Training and Lifelong Learning Center of the University of Piraeus and the doValue Center for Financial Responsibility. Individual thematic lectures will also be held to further spread financial information and educate young people.

In the Informative pillar original digital material will be created in the form of a quarterly Newsletter with 4 sections:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Financial Health and well – being
  • Savings

The above topics will also be analyzed through podcasts, giving young people the opportunity to be informed through an even more creative approach.

"We aim to offer young people the opportunity to be educated on key financial issues. With a firm commitment to the concept of social responsibility, we aim to strengthen long-term economic resilience and, by providing the right tools and knowledge, to support young people develop skills that will help them build a solid financial foundation for their future", said doValue Greece CEO, Mr. Tassos Panoussis.

As the Professor of Finance of the University of Piraeus, Mr. Nikolaos D. Philippas, points out, "financial literacy is defined as the combination of consciousness, knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors, necessary elements for making correct financial decisions, with the ultimate goal of achieving individual financial well-being. Defusing financial knowledge requires the cooperation of many actors to create a new generation of aware, informed and financially literate citizens".

doValue’s #LifeValues Program includes a wide range of Corporate Social Responsibility Actions at the core of which is the creation of value for society, aiming at a sustainable future.

On the launch of the Center for Financial Responsibility doValue Greece participates for the first time in the Global Money Week campaign organized by OECD annually. Bank of Greece is The Global Money Week National Coordinator for Greece. The initiative focuses on the importance of ensuring that all stakeholders gradually acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to make sound economic decisions and ultimately achieve financial prosperity and resilience to economic difficulties. The 12th annual Global Money Week campaign will take place on March 18 – 24, 2024 and doValue Greece will present the activities of the doResponsible Financial Center as well as the initiatives it will develop during the Global Money Week but also throughout the year.

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