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19 May 2021

doValue Greece is an independent loan and real estate management company, and a market leader in Greece. A member of the doValue SpA Group, it is a growth hub in SE Europe.

NPL and real estate management

doValue is a market leader in Greece. As a group, it is at the forefront of NPL and real estate management in SE Europe, currently managing portfolios in excess of €162 billion.

All-in-one servicer

doValue Greece covers the full range of non-performing loans (NPLs) and real estate management:

In our work, we combine the assets of the current operating platform with doValue’s best practices.

We tap into the expertise of our people and rely on the experience doValue Group has in managing loans and real estate in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus.

€162+ billion in loans and real estate

Including doValue Greece, the doValue Group is now managing a total of over €162 billion in loans and real estate.

  • Designing strategies
  • Making decisions
  • Offering support services

It works with a network of international consulting firms, real estate appraisers, brokers and lawyers.

A leader in SE Europe

As a group, doValue is the leading operator in loan and real estate management in SE Europe, having acquired the Spanish Altamira Asset Management.

It is the largest management company in non-performing exposures (NPEs), non-performing loans (NPLs) and unlikely-to-pay (UTP) loans in the Italian market.

Our mission

doValue Greece manages its portfolios with a solution-centred sense of responsibility. This helps us generate prospects for a sustainable financial system and contribute towards a sound Greek economy.

Responsible management

We handle issues with a sense of responsibility and focus on how to resolve them. To this end, we seek out-of-court settlements to restructure debts held by individuals and businesses.

Viable solutions

At doValue Greece we embrace transparency and disclose accurate information. We propose viable solutions and offer options that help make informed decisions.

Maximising returns

Employing our knowledge, infrastructure, systems and people to deliver and generate the highest returns on our portfolios.

Building trust

Through our professionalism and credibility, so that we can create value for our investors and our partners.

Ongoing progress

Relying on innovative ideas and practices, we pursue ongoing progress. Through our steady partnerships in recent years we have gained expertise, knowledge and experience of the highest standards.

This enables us to anticipate change, adapt and embrace new practices towards a leaner model of operation.

Working towards a sound Greek economy

doValue Greece contributes to the growth of the Greek economy and creates prospects through its leading position.

Corporate social responsibility

We always align our work with the values we cherish, with respect to our structured corporate social responsibility plan.

Our aim is long-term commitment to invest in actions favouring those social groups that need it the most.

We strive to create a truly positive social footprint with doValue’s corporate social responsibility actions.

Our values

We conduct our business driven by responsibility, transparency, innovation, cooperation and efficiency.


We carry on with a sense of responsibility. We comply with our operating principles and all relevant rules and regulations.

Marked by professionalism and credibility, we build trust towards our customers, partners, colleagues, the society and the economy.


Guided by sincerity, ethical principles and clarity, we disclose accurate information in full.


We strive to keep evolving in an ever-changing setting. By creating, discovering and adapting, we remain alert non-stop and stay one step ahead.


We foster teamwork. As a trusted partner, doValue Greece works in step to achieve the common goals and deliver, committing to itself and others.


doValue Greece focuses on solutions and centres upon getting results. We listen carefully to gain an understanding and work to provide viable solutions.

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