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Legal representative of a legal entity Procedure

My e-Servicing Portal – Legal representative of a legal entity Procedure
My e-Servicing Portal – Legal representative of a legal entity Procedure

In case you are acting in your capacity as legal representative of a legal entity, you can register by following the individual procedure, taking into account the following additional important points:

  • You will need to register twice. Once as an individual, in case you have personal debts, and once as a legal representative of the company you represent for its debts. For business debts, we suggest you use your business email when you register.
  • The authentication process through e-Gov is carried out to verify your personal details. Once your authentication is successful, you will receive an email on the process you need to follow to gain access to the My e-Servicing platform and the debts of the company you represent.
  • When you register as a legal entity, you will be asked to enter the tax number of the company you legally represent.
  • In case your status as legal representative changes, you must immediately inform doValue Greece in order to take the necessary measures to disable your access credentials.

If you are a legal person or entity, your access to the platform will require you to update your legal data and complete the legalization process.


Legislation documents needed for legal entities

The following documents are the main legalisation documents needed for legal entities.

In addition to the documents cited below for each type of company, a Certificate on Submission of a Beneficial Owner Declaration (Articles 20-21 of Law 4557/2018) from the Central Register of Beneficial Owners must also be submitted for all types of companies. It is not necessary to submit the Controlling Persons (Beneficial Owners) Declaration in cases (a) of state-owned companies and (b) companies lawfully listed on a regulated market.

It is noted that in case you have authorized a third individual, please attach with the power of attorney document (notarial power of attorney or authorization) the corresponding Solemn Declaration "SD for non-revocation of power of attorney" signed (with a certificate of authentic signature either by KEP or other public authority or via e-gov).