Real Estate Management

16 June 2021

We manage assets throughout Greece through the innovative Altamira Properties platform. We enable you to invest in properties for any use. We undertake their management at every step with innovative strategies and a high level of technical expertise.

doValue Greece manages real estate through doValue Greece Real Estate Services, a member of the doValue Group.

Expanded real estate portfolio in Greece

Our portfolio includes properties for any use throughout Greece. To create value for our customers, we manage each property separately.

Properties for any use

Our portfolio comprises a wide range of properties that meet your needs:

  • Commercial real estate
  • Residential real estate
  • Office spaces
  • Retail
  • Tourist complexes
  • Industrial and light industrial properties
  • Land plots for development

Find assets on the Altamira Properties platform. 

στη σελίδα 4.2. Assets on the Altamira Properties platform

Innovative Altamira Properties platform

We have introduced the innovative Altamira Properties real estate platform to the Greek market. This integrated tool presents the real estate properties we manage with all their features.

Through the Altamira Properties platform, we enable you to invest in properties for any use in Greece.

End-to-end real estate management

We undertake the management of the property from its initial migration to our portfolio to its development and sale.

Comprehensive real estate management services

We have a complete network of real estate management services (asset management), which includes specialised teams for:

  • Technical and legal due diligence and legalisations by professionals
  • Rental management
  • Property and facility management
  • Portfolio management
  • Development
  • Commercialisation through local and international sales networks

By your side at all stages

We undertake the management of the property throughout its life cycle. We support you at each and every step:

  1. Initial migration to our portfolio
  2. Due diligence and legalisation
  3. Property and facility management
  4. Development
  5. Sale

Specialisation and innovation

We get results for investors thanks to our innovative strategies, special know-how and extensive experience in real estate management.

Our team consists of a dynamic network of real estate consultants with:

  • high level of technical expertise in asset management
  • extensive experience in the Greek real estate market
  • presence throughout Greece

Together we work out and implement innovative strategies that generate high added value for real estate investors.

We advise and guide you to choose the right property that fully matches your investment goals.

Comprehensive management services

We offer extra services for NPL portfolio sale transactions.

Credit servicing and portfolio management

doValue Greece is the first company to offer comprehensive credit servicing to both banking and non-banking institutions that acquired portfolios in compliance with Law 4354/2015.

See how we customise our credit servicing, as master servicer, debt servicer and special servicer.

Due diligence advisory

We carry out all types of economic analysis / evaluation exercises (due diligence) for transacted NPL portfolios.

See our due diligence advisory services.

Securitisation operations

We support securitisation operations which ensure that the required portfolio management activities are fully covered.

See the securitisation operations we support.


We act as mediators for the settlement of disputes. We seek mutually acceptable, desirable and viable agreements that match the interests and needs of all parties.

Find out more about the mediation[SB4]  services we offer.