doValue Greece

Action by doValue Greece Employees: Look to the Stars

25 November 2021

It is a joy but also a great privilege to be able to make a contribution to the environment and to society through small everyday gestures, supporting those who need it the most.

Once again, the people of doValue Greece have demonstrated that collective action, responsibility and environmental awareness go hand-in-hand with our corporate culture. So we are pleased to announce that we collected 15 bags of plastic bottle caps, which were delivered to the Look to the Stars organisation.

Look to the Stars Social Cooperative Enterprise

Look to the Stars is a Social Cooperative Enterprise that focuses on modern social needs in terms of the ecology and environmental balance.

The organisation processes materials that may be recovered, recycled and reused, sorting them at the source, so as to minimise their ecological footprint, while proportionately increasing their social return (jobs, donation of wheelchairs or other mobility aids to people with disabilities).

Making a contribution through everyday gestures is a joy and a privilege for the people of doValue Greece

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