doValue Greece introduces the innovative Altamira Properties platform to the Greek market
doValue Greece introduces the innovative Altamira Properties platform to the Greek market

doValue Greece introduces the innovative Altamira Properties platform to the Greek market

07 December 2020

doValue Greece is making a powerful entry in the real estate management market. Through doValue Greece Real Estate Services, a subsidiary of doValue SpA, we are introducing the innovative Altamira Properties real estate management platform to the Greek market.

Well-rounded promotion and advertising of properties

We have rolled out an innovative real estate management tool for properties throughout Greece. Through the new platform we are offering an integrated tool for promoting and advertising properties with all their features listed.

We give investors and individuals the opportunity to look for individualised solutions that meet their needs. Our main goal is to create value for anyone concerned.

Find out all about the benefits available through the Altamira Properties platform.

Investment choices across Greece

Our real estate portfolio offers a wide range of investment options throughout Greece:

  • Commercial and residential real estate
  • Office spaces
  • Shops
  • Tourist complexes
  • Industrial and light industrial properties
  • Land plots for development

The real estate portfolio will be continuously renewed, expanded and enriched.

The detailed features, exact location and proposed selling price are listed for all properties under management hosted on the platform. You also have the option of exploring sample financing scenarios.

Find properties on the Altamira Properties platform.

Management services throughout each property’s life cycle

We offer property management services for properties throughout their life cycle:

  • from their initial inclusion in the portfolio under management
  • to their complete development and final sale

“Objectively speaking, property management is a significant, fast-growing activity, which is expected to reach new heights in the coming years.” – Taso Panousis, CEO, doValue Greece

To this end, we provide a comprehensive network of asset management services. Teams of experts undertake:

  • Portfolio management
  • Property and facility management
  • Technical and legal audits and legalisations
  • Commercialisation through local and international sale networks
  • Rental management
  • Development management

Innovative strategies

Qualified and experienced executives and real-estate professionals design and implement innovative strategies. They work with service providers, such as valuers, lawyers, engineers and contractors, operating throughout Greece. We aim to:

  • Enhance the value of every asset
  • Achieve the investment goal of every interested party

With the know-how of the doValue Group

We make the most of our participation in the doValue Group, as well as the long experience and technical know-how in real estate of Spanish company Altamira on a European level.

The Altarmira Properties platform we are introducing to the Greek market is based on the platform of the Spanish company Altamira, a leader in Europe in real estate management and a member of the doValue Group since 2019.

Find out more in the Press Release dated 07/12/2020 (pdf, 185KB).

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