New Debitos-doValue agreement introduces the doLook platform to Greece and Cyprus
New Debitos-doValue agreement introduces the doLook platform to Greece and Cyprus

New Debitos-doValue agreement introduces the doLook platform to Greece and Cyprus

28 March 2021

We are expanding our cooperation with Debitos, the leading secondary online non-performing loan transaction market in Europe. We are introducing the doLook platform for non-performing “red” loans to Greece and Cyprus.

Introducing the doLook platform to Greece and Cyprus

Through an exclusive partnership between doValue and Debitos, we are expanding the doLook online platform for non-performing loan transactions (NPL) to Greece and Cyprus. 

The tested technical infrastructure developed by Debitos has been specially designed for doValue and is already available in Greek. It is now being adapted to the special requirements of the Greek and Cypriot markets.

We aim to facilitate the sale of non-performing loans (NPLs) managed both by doValue and by other servicers.

1,200+ institutional investors from 16 countries

Through the doLook platform, our clients gain access to over 1,200 institutional investors from 16 countries who are already registered with Debitos.

They will benefit from the available market liquidity, with access to assets and streamlined transaction processes.

The Greek loan transaction market has been on the rise. It started in 2021 with two very large transactions.

“doLook will contribute to the development of the secondary non-performing loan transaction market, offering streamlined and standardised transaction processes, and ensuring even higher returns in the secondary market.” – Giovanni Castellaneta, Chairman, doValue Group

Simpler process, higher liquidity

Anyone with access to the doLook platform may perform remotely:

  • due diligence
  • loan analysis
  • remote data management
  • negotiation and completion of transaction for selected assetsίων

The doLook platform ensures higher returns and liquidity in the secondary market. It makes the most of the digitised sales process overall. It can limit the estimated selling time to 3-8 weeks, compared to 3-6 months for the traditional process.

A continuously growing, steady partnership

Cooperation between doValue and Debitos commenced in April 2020, with the establishment of doLook in Italy. It is a milestone in the history of doValue Greece.

Through this partnership, doValue optimises its operation in the secondary market in Greece and Cyprus with increased interest in:

  • non-performing loan (NPL) transactions in the secondary market
  • structural need for remote, digital operation

Debitos: Leader in the European market

Debitos is a leading European secondary online market for single loans and credit portfolios. It facilitates companies, banks and funds to sell loans in the market through an open, transparent online transaction platform that is based on auctions.

It was established in Frankfurt in 2010. Since then it has successfully carried out transactions involving more than 640,000 loans in 16 countries.

To date more than 1,200 investors throughout Europe have registered with Debitos.

Find out more about the Debitos-doValue agreement for the doLook platform in the Press Release dated 22/03/2021 (pdf, 463KB).

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