Supporting the needs of young
people on the outlying Greek islands

#Life_Values - DoValue Greece supports the needs of young people on the outlying Greek islands
#Life_Values - DoValue Greece supports the needs of young people on the outlying Greek islands
#Life_Values - doValue Greece supports the needs of young people on the outlying Greek islands
25 October 2023

doValue Greece through its initiatives of the program #Life_Values, in line with the Group Sustaibility Plan 2021-2023, actively supports the social needs of residents and the struggle of students on outlying islands in Greece to achieve equal opportunities in learning.

The program is implemented with the collaboration of two renowned civil society organizations within the framework of numerous- actions that take place in Anafi and Donoussa.

In Anafi, doValue, stands by the few, but capable and "thirsty" for knowledge, students, helping their efforts at the start of the new school year In collaboration with the Non-Profit Organization The Aegean Team, and the support of the local authorities, doValue focused on the educational needs of the student community, offering valuable tools, that enhances the quality of education and school life. The school community of the island warmly welcomed the offer of laptops for the High School and Primary School as well as the equipment for the playground of Anafi’s Kindergarten, aiming to support the tough work teachers face in a remote island like Anafi.

"With these new resources, our school can further improve the level of education and learning it provides. It is very nice to be supported by people who believe in you and the potential of children living in remote islands" said Mr. Thanasis Varsos, Director of the Anafi High School "Manolis Glezos".

Denise Chimi, Chairperson of the Aegean Group's Board of Directors, highlights that "The Aegean Team is supported by remarkable people and companies, one of them being doValue Greece, with whom we met this year. They embraced the Anafi program, and we deeply thankful for that."

The delivery of the equipment to the schools of Anafi took place at a special event, at the beginning of the new school year, where doValue Greece was represented by Ms. Natasha Koukouraki, Marketing & Communication Director of doValue Greece.

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In yet another remote island, Donoussa, the ExcellenSeas academic scholarship, sponsored by doValue, stands by the dream of academic studies of Irini Prasinou, one of the few female students of the region after her admission to the Athens University.

The ExcellenSeas academic scholarship has three pillars: financial assistance, provision of a mentor or scientific advisor and an internship. It aims to support children in their academic studies who come mainly from outlying Greek islands with a population of less than 2,000 inhabitants. Using the benefits of the scholarship, students can begin a new and important chapter in their student life during the four (4) years of their studies, empowered to achieve their goals.

"The scholarship gives me security for my academic and professional future. The advice, guidance and financial support provided by ExcellenSeas, supported by doValue enables me to meet my daily demands" said Irini Prasinou, the ExcellenSeas scholar supported by doValue.

"We have achieved a very good number of students studying through the program. They are already 32 and this year we are reaching up to 40. Our goal is to have the capacity to cover all applications, but this can only be achieved with the support of our sponsors" said Evgenia Giannini, Chairman of the Board of ExcellenSeas.

Referring to the #Life_Values actions, the Managing Director of doValue Greece, Mr. Tasos Panousis, said: "The launch of these initiatives from our outlying islands, signals doValue's commitment to return to society part of the revenue generated by people's work. It is a conscious choice of ours to support outlying schools, starting from Anafi, contributing to the creation of incentives for the children who promote the future of these areas, as well as the practical support of young people like Irini from Donoussa, in their beginning to conquer the world through their studies. Our goal is for every ESG action to have a substantial impact and to support the needs of society in practice."

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The initiatives in Anafi and Donoussa are part of doValue Greece's #Life_Values Program. The company has implemented, in line with the Group sustainability strategy, a broad plan of ESG actions focusing on three pillars: Society - Environment - Health. At the same time, one of its main objectives is to stand by local communities, especially in areas of the country that must cope with shortcomings and weaknesses.