Our Network of Associates

Our Network of Associates
Our Network of Associates

doValue Greece works with a network of highly experienced and qualified external associates. It consists of debtor notification companies and law firms.

Extrajudicial and judicial actions, and settlement proposals

We work with 4 of the largest and most organised bailiff companies.

Our network of associates includes more than 100 organised law firms and lawyers throughout Greece.

With extensive experience in extrajudicial and judicial debt recovery, they offer:

  • Service of claims
  • Pursuit of claims in court
  • Initiation of execution proceedings or mutually acceptable solutions, settlements etc.
  • Court appearances and dispute settlements
  • Fairness opinions
  • Actions at the Land Registry and/or the National Cadastre & Mapping Agency

Monitoring of the performance of our associates based upon agreed KPIs.

Maintenance of hard-copy records of investors, document retrieval and digitisation

We work with the 2 of the largest companies of this sector in Greece. One of the two is an international company.

Our associates are organised and have extensive experience in maintenance of hard-copy records of investors, document retrieval and digitisation.

Skip tracing

We have been working with a skip tracing company since 2010. Holding a leading position in the market, they provide telecommunications services:

  • Calling to confirm the accuracy of existing and new details (phone numbers, addresses, emails).
  • Checking new phone numbers and verifying existing ones with searches in publicly accessible sources.

Find out how we protect and process your personal data when collaborating with our external associates, in compliance with the Greek legislation.