Support Measures for Fire Victims 2021

16 November 2021

In an effort to support debtors affected by the widespread summer fires, we have adopted favourable relief measures.

To get relief, you must submit an application and provide proof of submission from the digital platform. The application must be submitted by 31.10.2021.

Support measures

The support measures include the following arrangements: 

  • Individuals / Businesses & Companies: There is the option for a 6-month suspension on instalment payments. The amount of the suspended instalments will be capitalised at the end of the suspension period and allotted to the remaining instalments without any loan extension.

The way suspension is applied differs from one product category to the next and is described in the terms and conditions of the application submitted.

  • 6-month suspension of forced execution measures. The starting date of the suspension depends on the regional unit.

(Read the relevant Government Gazette issue)

  • Any overdue debt payments that will be suspended will be capitalised prior to the suspension and their amount will be allotted in the remaining loan payments.

The support measures may be applied exclusively from 31/8/2021 to 28/2/2022.

Eligibility for fire victim support measures

All debtors with main residence or professional property in affected areas, based on the postal code, are eligible for support measures.

In particular, the measures concern:

  • Individuals who own property in affected areas.
  • Businesses & Companies active in affected areas.
  • Debtors who did not have debts more than 89 days past due on 31/08/2021.

Product categories and exclusion criteria

The following product categories are included in the support measures.

Product categories:

The following product categories concern consumer, mortgage and business loans:

  • Amortising loans
  • Open loans
  • Limits 
  • Open accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Super overdraft
  • Corporate loans

Supporting documentation

Debtors wishing to apply for the support measures must provide the following supporting documentation at a Eurobank branch. 

  • Form from the digital platform. 
    • Note that the application form must have a QR code (upper right) for immediate verification.
    • The form is the same for individuals and companies.
  • Application for individuals: The Fire Victim 2021 Application Form for Individuals on Suspension is filled in by an authorised executive at a Eurobank branch and signed by the individual.
  • Application for companies: The Fire Victim 2021 Application Form for Businesses/Companies on Suspension is filled in by an authorised executive at a Eurobank branch and signed by the company representative.

Note that applications are filled in based on the products to be included in the support measures

What is Arogi and the platform

To relieve households, businesses and property owners affected by the fires that raged from 27 July to 13 August, the government has put in place the digital platform since 18 August 2021.

As a first relief measure by the Ministry of Finance, affected parties may apply (using their TaxisNet credentials) for one-off financial assistance.

Specifically, by submitting a single application, which is also a solemn declaration under Law 1599/1986 (Α/75), affected parties may request:

  • advance payment of housing assistance
  • exemption from ENFIA property tax
  • financial assistance for household items
  • financial assistance for damages on equipment etc. suffered by businesses, farms and non-profit organisations.

The assistance amounts to:

  • €6,000 for household items per residence
  • €8,000 for damages to businesses and non-profit organisations, including farms, livestock farms and facilities
  • €14,000 for housing assistance to property owners affected by the fires

When submitting the application, the properties located in the affected areas are displayed (based on the E9 form), and owners may report the extent of damages and the use (own use, lease etc.) per property.

At the same time, depending on the reported extent of the damages, these properties are included in the exemption from the ENFIA property tax.

The assistance is calculated automatically based on the data submitted in each step of the application and the overall amount for each beneficiary is displayed in the end.