doValue Greece

Supporting the City of Athens Homeless Shelter

25 December 2020

During Christmastime, we are more sensitive to the simple everyday things that some people are deprived of and which cannot be taken for granted.

So, we decided to support the City of Athens Homeless Shelter (ΚΥΑDΑ). 

For the homeless and underprivileged citizens in our city

During Christmastime 2020 we supported the KYADA actions for the homeless and underprivileged citizens of Athens. In this initiative we represented all our employees.

We offered financial support for the preparation of more than 1,600 packages of food and essential items. These packages were distributed to families in need.

Based on our values and vision

The social awareness of our company and the doValue Group in general is one of the main pillars of our value system and vision.

Integrity, Responsibility and Respect are the 3 key concepts that lead the doValue Group to responsible growth through innovative initiatives.

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“We strive to create a truly positive social footprint.”