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We Ride Faster Than Cancer

6 June 2021

doValue Greece was a major sponsor of the1st Virtual Bike Ride with the motto “We Ride Faster Than Cancer”. We sent a message of compassion and optimism to encourage all the younger and older fighters, and raise awareness.

1st Virtual Bike Ride

On 6 June, the World Cancer Survivors Day, the KEFI Association of Cancer Patients organised the We Ride Faster Than Cancer event.

The participants put on their T-shirts and caps, and got on their bikes again; at home or outdoors, alone or with friends and family.

They took photos, which were sent in as a message of compassion, optimism for the overall management of the disease and encouragement for all the younger and older fighters.

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Sponsor of the KEFI Association of Cancer Patients, Athens

doValue Greece sponsors the actions of the KEFI Association of Cancer Patients, Athens.

With a deep sense of compassion, we support all those who are being affected by the disease.

That is why we actively support and participate in the KEFI Association’s actions. We aspire to forge a long-term relationship with the Association, so that we may assist them in their work and efforts.

This way we make a contribution to the Association, which offers emotional, mental and social support to cancer patients and their families.

“For doValue Greece, supporting this initiative marks the start of an ongoing relationship with the KEFI Association and its actions.”