Supporting the needs of
young people on Anafi Island
DoValue Greece with the Aegean Team supports the needs of young people on Anafi Island
DoValue Greece with the Aegean Team supports the needs of young people on Anafi Island

doValue Greece with the Aegean Team supports the needs of young people on Anafi Island

25 October 2023

doValue Greece through its initiatives, within the framework of the Corporate Social Responsibility program #Life_Values actively supports the social needs of residents and the struggle of students on outlying islands in Greece to achieve equal opportunities in learning.

The program is implemented with the collaboration of a renowned civil society organization within the framework of numerous- actions that take place in outlying islands.

In Anafi, doValue, stands by the few, but capable and "thirsty" for knowledge, students, helping their efforts at the start of the new school year in collaboration with the Non-Profit Organization The Aegean Team, and the support of the local authorities, doValue focused on the educational needs of the student community, offering valuable tools, that enhances the quality of education and school life. In addition, doValue Greece financially supports the participation of the students of secondary and high school classes of Anafi in the 8th European Student History Conference organized by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture on the 26th of November 2023, in Rome. 

The school community of the island warmly welcomed the offer of laptops for the High School and Primary School as well as the equipment for the playground of Anafi’s Kindergarten, aiming to support the tough work teachers face in a remote island like Anafi.

"With these new resources, our school can further improve the level of education and learning it provides. It is very nice to be supported by people who believe in you and the potential of children living in remote islands" said Mr. Thanasis Varsos, Director of the Anafi High School "Manolis Glezos".

"By supporting the student community that tries to perform with minimal resources, we believe that we are playing a small role in preventing the desolation of schools in remote areas of Greece. For all of us at doValue, the concept of giving and support are important priorities, even more so when the initiatives we undertake involve young people, their education and their careers" said Natasha Koukouraki, Marketing & Communication Director of doValue Greece.

Denise Chimi, Chairperson of the Aegean Group's Board of Directors, highlights that "The Aegean Team is supported by remarkable people and companies, one of them being doValue Greece, with whom we met this year. They embraced the Anafi program, and we deeply thankful for that."

The initiatives in Anafi are part of doValue Greece's #Life_Values. Corporate Social Responsibility Program The company has implemented a broad plan of Corporate Social Responsibility actions focusing on three pillars: Society - Environment - Health. At the same time, one of its main objectives is to stand by local communities, especially in areas of the country that must cope with shortcomings and weaknesses.

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