Information Notice on securitization of claims deriving from loans and/or credits

23 August 2021

If you are the recipient of an information letter from Eurobank S.A. for the transfer of the claim from a loan/credit agreement (including credit card) in which you are involved as a debtor, co-borrower or guarantor (the "Agreement"), due to securitization according to article 10 and 14 par. 13 of Law 3156/2003, to the special purpose entity under the trade name "ERB RECOVERY DESIGNATED ACTIVITY COMPANY", based in Ireland (George's Dock no. 3, 4th floor, IFSC, Dublin 1) and company registration number 671742, you may be informed about any transfer from ERB RECOVERY DESIGNATED ACTIVITY COMPANY to Eurobank S.A. of the claims from the Agreement and any re-transfer of them from Eurobank S.A. to ERB RECOVERY DESIGNATED ACTIVITY COMPANY, through the following link:

In particular, through the above link you may be informed at any time about the following:

A. Who is the respective receivables entity related to the Agreement (namely, ERB RECOVERY DESIGNATED COMPANY or Eurobank S.A, respectively).

B. Who is the respective servicer of the receivables related to the Agreement (namely, doValue Greece Loan and Credit Claims Management Company, or in case of re-transfer, Eurobank S.A.).

We note that as long as the receivables entity is the special purpose entity ERB RECOVERY DESIGANTED ACTIVITY COMPANY, the servicing of the respective claims deriving from the Agreement is carried out by doValue Greece Loan and Credit Claims Management Société Anonyme, which you may contact should you have any further questions (Customer Service Line 210 4847500 / Option 6).

The remainder terms of the Agreement (including any warranty) remain the same and the payment methods for which you have already been informed in detail by letter, apply.

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