doValue Greece

Our History

Since 2006 we have been constantly developing our loan servicing operations and real estate management services, guided by responsibility, transparency, innovation, cooperation and efficiency.



Project Frontier is the first securitisation of a portfolio of non-performing loans by NBG, under the Hellenic Asset Protection Scheme, and was successfully awarded through a competitive process where doValue Greece participated and undertook the servicing of the portfolio.

Exclusive management of the PROJECT ICON portfolio in Greece

doValue actively undertakes the exclusive management of the PROJECT ICON portfolio, with a wide range of actions and initiatives.

The NPL portfolio for a total claim of €2.6 billion comes from the National Bank of Greece. It mainly consists of secured large, medium and small company loans taken out by more than 1,500 debtors throughout Greece.

For the management of this portfolio, doValue signed an agreement with Bain Capital Credit, a leading international credit specialist.

doLook platform for non-performing “red” loans in Greece and Cyprus

doValue, the leading loan servicer in South Europe, and Debitos, one of the leading secondary online debt market in Europe, extend their cooperation.

They launched the doLook platform for non-performing “red” loans in Greece and Cyprus, specially designed for doValue:

  • Customised to the specific market needs in Greece and Cyprus, it facilitates the sale of non-performing loans (NPLs) managed by doValue and other operators.
  • It uses the tested technical infrastructure developed by Debitos, already available in Greek.


New organisational structure of doValue SpA

doValue SpA announces its new organisational structure. Its aim is to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the improved international footprint of the doValue Group.

Mr Theodoros Kalantonis, Executive Chairman of doValue Greece, takes over as Region Manager for Greece and Cyprus. He leads operations and development in Greece and Cyprus.

Altamira Properties real estate platform in Greece

We introduced the innovative Altamira Properties real estate platform[SB2]  to the Greek market, through doValue Greece Real Estate Services, a subsidiary of doValue SpA.

We rolled out an innovative management tool for properties throughout Greece. It is based on the platform of the Spanish company Altamira, a leader in Europe in real estate management and a member of the doValue Group since 2019.

Eurobank FPS renamed to doValue Greece

The company is being part of the large family of doValue. With our new name and our new corporate identity, begins the path of an organization that has top as a unique goal. We guide the new course based on our values. We act responsibly, because we understand the social sensitivity of our mission and its importance for the economy. With transparency that ensures our credibility vis-a-Vis all parties involved. We work together to find innovative solutions and achieve the maximum positive result. We are all together with the main goal of creating value for our customers and shareholders and of contributing to the consolidation of the economy, the support of healthy entrepreneurship, the maintenance of jobs and ultimately to the prosperity of the societies we serve.


Agreement between Eurobank SA and doValue SpA

Eurobank SA and doValue SpA agree on the sale of 80% of Eurobank Financial Planning Services SA. The parties also agree to change the corporate name to doValue Greece.

Eurobank and doValue enter into a ten-year strategic agreement, which enables Eurobank to assign to doValue Greece the management of:

  • Non-performing exposures included in the securitisations of the Cairo portfolio
  • All future loans


Credit servicing

Eurobank FPS receives its license from the Bank of Greece as a credit servicer, in line with the new legislative framework.

Servicing of the Eurobank retail banking portfolio

Eurobank FPS absorbs ERS by merger and expands its activities.

It undertakes the contract for servicing the entire Eurobank retail banking portfolio, which includes NPLs taken out by individuals and small businesses. It develops constantly.

First NPL sale in the Greek market

Eurobank FPS undertakes the servicing contract for the first NPL sale in the Greek market.

It is the first company to offer comprehensive credit servicing to both banking and non-banking institutions that acquired portfolios in compliance with Law 4354/2015.


New sales and servicing framework for NPLs

A new NPL sales and servicing legislative framework is established in compliance with Law 4354/2015 and any subsequent amendments.


Securitised mortgage loan portfolios

Eurobank FPS becomes the first company to offer third-party servicing for securitised mortgage portfolios, as a Eurobank subcontractor.


Expertise in NPL management

Eurobank EFG Financial Planning Services is renamed Eurobank Remedial Services (ERS), with debt notification as its object.

Meanwhile, another Group company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eurobank, takes over NPL management, under a new corporate name: Eurobank Financial Planning Services (Eurobank FPS).


Transformation into a debt notification company

FPS is transformed into an exclusive purpose debt notification company.

Its object is amended and its corporate name is changed to Eurobank EFG Credit Servicing SA, trading under Eurobank EFG Financial Planning Services.


Establishment of Eurobank Financial Planning Services

Financial Planning Services (FPS) Loan and Credit Claim Management Company SA is established in 2006 as a subsidiary of the Eurobank Group. Its objects are consumer NPL servicing and debt recovery.