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Palliative medicine program by the Friends of Aretaieio Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology Department Association

16 June 2022

On 16/06/2022 The innovative Supportive Medical program for cancer patients "Next to Women" launched, with the sponsorship of doValue Greece. Present at the function were the Deputy Minister of Health Mr. Minas Gaga, the Deputy Minister of Education Mr. Angelos Syrigos, the Rector of the University Dimopoulos, the President of the Medical School of EKPA Professor Gerasimos Siasos, the President of the Aretaio Hospital Professor Nikos Arkadopoulos, as well as the Executive President and Chief Executive Officer of Greece Theodorou Kalantoni and Tasos Panousis.

doValue has launched the first palliative medicine programme for women fighting cancer. This is an innovative programme, implemented in strategic partnership with the Friends of Aretaieio Hospital Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department. It is based on the theory developed and scientifically documented by Jonhs Hopkins University, USA, for women fighting cancer, who are either at the preoperative phase of surgery or at the recovery stage. 

Medical research has demonstrated that cancer patients need a fully supportive environment to be able to successfully face this fight. It has been proven that hospital treatment is more effective when patients receive additional palliative care to relieve symptoms, improve the quality of life, limit negative side-effects of conventional treatments (e.g. chemotherapy), and provide mental and physical relaxation. This comprehensive support includes regular psychological help, yoga, aromatherapy, music therapy, meditation and art therapy massage, acupuncture, and pain management techniques.  

In reality, building on the Hippocratic theory, the palliative medicine practised at Johns Hopkins University is now considered a new perspective and has been adopted by the largest hospitals worldwide.

Such a holistic approach to palliative care will be implemented for the first time in Greece, at Aretaieio University Hospital

A special pampering room created to apply palliative medicine methods. The room has been suitably redesigned and renovated so that patients are able to relax before surgery or during recovery, regain their strength, and better respond to the treatment they receive. 

The palliative medicine centre branches out to the entire clinic where female cancer patients are hospitalised. doValue Greece will support the palliative medicine centre from the start and for at least a year. The centre will mainly be staffed with volunteers, in cooperation with the hospital's scientific staff. 

The Friends of Aretaieio Hospital Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department Association was founded by active members of society with a view to contribute – through information, awareness and prevention – to supporting women of all ages (girls, adolescents, women at reproductive age or at menopause) as society's main reproductive cell. The Association seeks to actively support the significant work of the Department, showcasing its scientific and social contribution over the years.

In this context, it holds events to provide consulting, psychological support and information, particularly to vulnerable groups. It holds open and online events, informational meetings and scientific lectures. It contributes to the networking of society with primary-care institutions. With regard to CSR actions that support public health, it undertakes initiatives to raise awareness in the business world.

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«We stand by every Woman

We stand by every woman

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