DoValue Greece supports the first Supportive Medical program at Aretaio Hospital

15 June 2022

The innovative Supportive Medical program for cancer patients "Next to Women" was launched today, with the sponsorship of doValue Greece. Present at the function were the Deputy Minister of Health Mr. Minas Gaga, the Deputy Minister of Education Mr. Angelos Syrigos, the Rector of the University Dimopoulos, the President of the Medical School of EKPA Professor Gerasimos Siasos, the President of the Aretaio Hospital Professor Nikos Arkadopoulos, as well as the Executive President and Chief Executive Officer of Greece Theodorou Kalantoni and Tasos Panousis.

The program was designed and implemented by the Association of Friends of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic of Aretaio Hospital. In addition to the supportive medical services, a specially designed Pampering Room (support room) in the wing of the 2nd Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic, was created with the support of doValue Greece, within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

The Deputy Minister of Health, Ms. Mina Gaga, congratulated both the Friends' Association and the Clinic for the initiative and stressed the importance of this innovative program, which will be the basis for the implementation of similar programs in other hospitals, with emphasis on cancer which needs a holistic treatment.

Form his part, the Deputy Minister of Education, Mr. Angelos Syrigos, welcomed the initiative implemented at Aretaio University Hospital, mentioning characteristically "female cancer is not something anonymous. She is named after Ioanna, Evi and Eleni, a relative or friend. It is next to us. That is why it is extremely important to create this comprehensive program to support the female patient at the most difficult stage following the operation, where she needs systematic psychological and therapeutic support to prepare for the day after. "The Aretaio a public University Hospital, deserves warm congratulations, for implementing this innovative initiative."

On behalf of doValue Greece, the CEO Mr. Tassos Panousis pointed out that "Health has a central position in the broader program of the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives of doValue Greece. We select targeted initiatives with immediate practical outcomes, and we cooperate with prestigious private and public bodies in this context. It was with great pleasure that we delivered the specially designed area (pampering room) of supportive medicine for the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic of Aretaio Hospital. We believe that female patients will find there the holistic support they need to overcome the ordeal they face. We are committed to supporting the initiative and the development of the program itself for the coming years, always in collaboration with the Association of Friends of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic of the Hospital ".

During the presentation, Professor Nikos Vlachos, Director of the 2nd Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic of Aretaio Hospital, noted that from Hippocrates to the most modern scientific research and approaches, the importance of the patient holistic approach and their health is emphasized. The Supportive Medical Program for cancer patients "Next to Women" aims to provide a series of supportive services of a holistic approach. This is a program that is constantly evolving and adapting to patient’s needs. "Today we see the spark that we hope will spread and become a new example for the country," he said.

The innovative program of supportive medicine for cancer patients "Next to Women” aims to provide a range of support services with a holistic approach. This is a program that is constantly evolving and adapting to patient’s needs.

Ms. Popi Kalaitzi, Physician of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and President of the Association of Friends of the Gynecology-Obstetrics Clinic of Aretaio Hospital, noted that “the Association stands by every woman with cancer in collaboration with the highly qualified scientific staff of the Clinic and volunteers, providing scientifically proven holistic support to patients diagnosed in the gynecological cancer clinic. This is a pioneering program designed to psychologically support patients and relatives, provide answers to questions such as "and now what should I change in my diet?", identify and treat sleep problems, encourage therapeutic exercise, etc.

The specially designed Pampering Room (support room) in the premises of ​​the 2nd Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic, apart from a wellness area can also be an "oasis" of relaxation for patients and their relatives. Patient support groups can be set up there too.

The Rector of EKPA, Professor Athanasios Dimopoulos, thanked the organizers with a message, emphasizing that the 2nd Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic of Aretaio Hospital plans and implements many pioneering initiatives, along with its rich research work and international collaborations. Initiatives such as the supportive medical program "contribute significantly to the strengthening of the University, within the framework of the strategic development plan of EKPA maintaining at the same time the Medical School’s tradition of introducing innovative programs".

The Dean of the School of Health Sciences of EKPA Professor Emmanuel Pikoulis welcomed the effort which, as he noted, "is a model of cooperation between the public sector, academia, civil society and the private sector."

Professor Gerasimos Siasos, President of the Medical School of EKPA pointed out that "such initiatives are very important and help alleviate the mental health of cancer patients and improve their quality of life. "A holistic approach to cancer treatment is fundamental." He also congratulated the president of the Association, Popi Kalaitzis, for her passion to be "next to the woman" with substance and result.

Professor Nikos Arkadopoulos, President of Aretaio Hospital stressed "I am very proud that this initiative is being implemented today. An important nucleus has been created around which supportive medical services will be concentrated. An initiative that will benefit not only patients and their relatives but also the doctors themselves. "

The event was coordinated by journalist Maria Nikoltsiou while the presentation of the program was attended by representatives of the medical, nursing, and administrative staff of Aretaio Hospital

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