doValue Greece

Corporate Governance at doValue Greece

4 August 2021

The corporate governance of doValue Greece is governed by the provisions of the Greek legislation, the company’s regulations and articles of association, and the best international practices.

Corporate governance is a set of rules and principles that ensure the proper organisation, management, operation and control of a company with credibility, responsibility and transparency.


The doValue Greece corporate governance principles safeguard the legal interests of our shareholders, clients and people.


The doValue Greece corporate governance regulations:

  • Specify how we meet our corporate targets.
  • Establish the corporate risk monitoring and assessment systems.
  • Demonstrate the transparency of the Management’s activities in terms of the shareholders.

Responsibilities and powers

The corporate governance of doValue Greece determines how the powers and responsibilities are distributed within the organisation by instituting:

  • Board of Directors
  • Special Committees
  • Code of Conduct and Ethics – It applies for all our human resources. It provides the framework of principles, regulations, behaviours and decisions we ought to follow in our professional capacity.
  • Internal Control System – It ensures our company’s efficiency, credibility and compliance with the legal and regulatory framework, as well as the principles of the doValue Group.
  • External Auditors