doValue Greece


3 June 2022

Consistent with the responsibility we have undertaken to create value for society, for yet another year doValue Greece is a proud sponsor of the 2nd Bike Run, an action carried out by the Society of Cancer Patients of Athens – KEFI.
Offering a helping hand once again to the action, doValue Greece promises that, along with the Society members, survivors/fighters, friends, patients and doctors, it will "ride faster than cancer".

This year the Bike Run takes place in hybrid form. The main run is starting at Zappeion, in the centre of Athens, on Sunday 5 June at 9am. At the same time, all over Greece, friends of the Society will go on their own bike run and upload their photo on social media, disseminating the message that cancer can be beaten!

In its 18 years of operation, KEFI has been drawing strength from its experiences, its strong faith in mutual help and its will to improve everyone’s life through its belief that everyone can succeed. To this end, it is carrying out the Bike Run. It is an action fostering extroversion and invoNational Cancer Survivors Day “WE RUNlvement, empowerment and interconnection with main aims to:

  1. Make the action an institution, with the hope that, in the coming years, we will all get out on the streets, spreading messages of hope and embracing the will to live.
  2. Promote and develop the Society’s initiatives and work overall. Specifically, this year, through the action, they wish to support the Together at Home initiative, which aims to expand its services nationwide and add physiotherapy to its activities.
  3. Raise awareness for cancer and related issues, get citizens involved in the fight against it, and support patients and their families. Awakening social empathy is essential in this struggle that concerns everyone.
  4. Highlight the importance of exercise and diet to improve the cancer patients’ quality of life. Link them with prevention, early diagnosis, treatment as well as the reintroduction of survivors to society on a physical and mental level.

Remaining true to its values, doValue Greece provides constant support to the Society of Cancer Patients of Athens – KEFI