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Corporate Social Responsibility: three priority pillars Society, Environment and Health
Corporate Social Responsibility: three priority pillars Society, Environment and Health

Corporate Social Responsibility: three priority pillars Society, Environment and Health

06 July 2021

doValue Greece, completing its first year of active presence in Greece, is guided by the principle of implementing facilitating solutions for debtors who have loans under its management, while in parallel with its business operation it develops an integrated set of Corporate Social Responsibility actions.

The company aims to create value for all interested parties through development and innovation, guided by the principle of sustainability, integral in the process of growing responsibly.

doValue’s strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility focuses on three priority pillars: Society, Environment and Health. The company encourages its employees’ active participation in corporate actions, focusing on initiatives that cover basic needs for targeted groups, ensuring continuity and consistency in its activity.

doValue’s principles and philosophy are all reflecting the responsible stance and obligations that a contemporary company should have within the communities it serves.

The first initiative in this context dates on December 2020 in cooperation with the City of Athens Homeless Shelter (KYADA). doValue offered 1,642 packages on behalf of its employees, containing food and other basics to poor families – beneficiaries of the Municipalities’ social programs, through a retailer chain. This action is in line with corresponding initiatives of the Group doValue Group which takes as a partner of Save the Children. Through Group’s donations last year, many children and families in need were supported for food purchase.

doValue Greece actively supports voluntary efforts, such as the Association of Friends of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic of Aretaieion University Hospital in Athens and the «KEFI of Athens» Association of Cancer Patients of Athens, and is particularly aware of people facing serious health problems, especially cancer, and their families.

With respect to the initiative developed at the Aretaieion University Hospital, a special area, where women, suffering from cancer, will be able to receive supportive medical treatment either at the preparatory stages before surgeries or at the recovery phase, is envisaged as well as the renovation of wards where they are being hospitalized. doValue Greece will support, at least for one year, the operation of the center for applying supportive medical treatment, which will be mainly run by the Association’s volunteers. This is an action designed under a holistic approach, implemented for the first time in Greece, according to the standards and philosophy developed and scientifically documented by Johns Hopkins University in the USA. The project is scheduled to be completed and delivered in early autumn 2021.

doValue Greece initiated its support for the «KEFI of Athens» Association of Cancer Patients of Athens through its participation, as major sponsor in the 1st Virtual Cycling Tour “Run Faster than Cancer” that took place on June 6, 2021. The organization of the 1st virtual cycling tour, aimed to send a message of empathy and optimism, empower people who suffer from the disease and raise awareness in the society for providing emotional, psychological and social support to cancer patients and their families.

Finally, in line with sustainable development and with a view to increasing the company’s green footprint, in parallel with providing support to social initiatives and structures, doValue Greece will cover the expenses for the purchase and installation of photovoltaic systems at the historical building of ELEPAP- Rehabilitation for The Disabled, in the area of Pagrati in Athens. ELEPAP is the oldest non-profit charity organization in Greece providing rehabilitation services to children since 1937. The aim of this action is to ensure that the structure is energy self-sufficient, achieving reduced electricity costs, while contributing to the protection of the environment through producing and consuming "clean".