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doValue Greece: Launch of an innovative Real Estate asset management platform onto the Greek market
doValue Greece: Launch of an innovative Real Estate asset management platform onto the Greek market

doValue Greece: Launch of an innovative Real Estate asset management platform onto the Greek market

07 December 2020

doValue Greece, the leading Loan Servicing Company in Greece is dynamically entering the real estate market. Via “doValue Greece Real Estate Services”, a subsidiary of doValue S.p.A., doValue introduces to the Greek market the real estate platform Altamira Properties (, launching an innovative real estate asset management product, a tool based on the platform of the Spanish company Altamira, a pioneer in the European real estate management market and part of the doValue Group since 2019. The new platform provides an integrated tool for the promotion and commercialization of real estate assets with all their characteristics, enabling investors and individuals to seek for tailor made solutions and opportunities, with the aim to create value for each interested party. The real estate portfolio, that will be constantly refreshed, increased and enriched, provides a wide range of investment choices throughout Greece: Commercial and residential properties, office spaces, retail, tourist complexes, industrial and light industrial properties, land plots with development potential.

DoValue Greece’s CEO, Mr. Tassos Panousis said: "Real estate management is, objectively, an important and rapidly growing economic activity, expected to expand further in coming years. DoValue Greece, leveraging its participation in doValue Group and building on Spanish Altamira’s multi–year experience and its know-how in real estate at a European level, brings an integrated management framework to the Greek market and invests in real estate commercialization aiming to contribute to the market’s development. This implies significantly increased direct investment in real estate, a boost in the particular market and employment increase, consequently supporting growth in the Greek economy."

The provided services refer to the management of each, separate property throughout its life cycle, from its initial inclusion into the portfolio under management to its full exploitation potential and finally its sale. To this aim, the complete spectrum of real estate management services (asset management) is being provided through specialized teams that will undertake:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Property & facility management
  • Technical & legal audits and legalizations
  • Commercialization through local and international sale networks.
  • Rental management
  • Development management

A team of specialized seasoned, real estate executives in collaboration with service providers that have presence throughout Greece, design and implement innovative strategies in order to increase the potential of each asset while fulfilling the investment goals of each interested party.

The platform hosts the properties under management with the description of their characteristics, such as surface, spaces, photographic material, exact location and proposed selling price, as well as a mortgage simulator for calculating indicative financing scenarios.