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doValue sponsors the Greek Olympic Gold Medalist, Stefanos Ntouskos and supports Greek Athletics.
doValue sponsors the Greek Olympic Gold Medalist, Stefanos Ntouskos and supports Greek Athletics.

doValue sponsors the Greek Olympic Gold Medalist, Stefanos Ntouskos and supports Greek Athletics

28 June 2022

doValue Greece, operating for almost two years in the Greek market, develops an integrated set of Corporate Responsibility actions, alongside its business activity. Its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy has been focusing, to date, on three priority pillars: Society, Environment and Health. Intending to broaden the scope of its CSR actions, doValue introduces Athletics as the fourth pillar in its CSR Strategy, constantly seeking for a substantial social footprint and relationships of lasting benefit for the organizations, associations and bodies it cooperates with.

The main criteria for this decision are, the empowerment of the company’s positive social impact and the development of a healthy social model, strengthening the influence that the athletic ideal, rivalry and value, as an acknowledgment of effort, have on society and especially on young people. In that respect doValue Greece will sponsor mr. Stephanos Ntouskos, the Greek competitive rower who won a Gold Medal in the men’s single sculls at the 2021 Summer Olympics, becoming the first (1st), Greek, rower gaining this distinction in the history of the Olympic Games.  As his sponsor doValue will support his effort until the 2024 Olympics in Paris, as well as his participation in European and World championships until then.

Stefanos Ntouskos’ achievements represent the timeless moral values of Greek athletics and the virtues of Greek athletes who stand out with perseverance, dedication, hard work and preparation, modesty and ethics, raising Greece’s national colors to the highest pedestal. DoValue will back Stefanos Ntouskos throughout his path towards new achievements.

Stefanos Ntouskos was born on March 1997, at the Greek city of Ioannina. He is competing in men’s single skulls and is the first Greek Golden Olympics medalist in rowing. Besides the Gold Medal at 2021 Tokyo Olympics, he has also won:

  • The Gold medal at the 2021 Pre-Olympic Regatta
  • The 4th position at the 2021 European Championship
  • The 5th position at the 2020 European Championship
  • Silver medal at the 2019 World Championship U23

DoValue Greece, consistent with its strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility action plan, keeps supporting new initiatives, adding value to Society, Health and the Environment. It constantly sets new goals locating areas that require collective support, such as environmental, health and other important social issues, like providing for vulnerable groups, assisting young people from difficult family environments to socialize, as well as deprived people and other social groups in need.