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doValue: Finding solutions together, even online
doValue: Finding solutions together, even online

doValue: Finding solutions together, even online

04 April 2022

DoValue, number 1 loan and real estate management company in Greece, exploits the possibilities offered by the rapid technological advances in the digital era and further develops aiming to provide seamless services to debtors.

DoValue Greece enters dynamically in a new era of digital transformation, adopting quickly to the new facts technology and innovation pose and offers a set of digital services, helping debtors who have transactions with the company to:

  • Access answers relating to their debt and the alternatives offered for their debts’ arrangement
  • Apply for settlement online, directly and quickly, without lengthy and bureaucratic procedures.

“Finding solutions together” is central to doValue’s servicing philosophy. The company adopts a more personalized communication and cooperation with the debtor and highlights a new era characterized by the direct contact with each debtor’s problem, but under the perspective of the solution rather than the problem.

In the context of its digital upgrade, the company has designed an innovative website   -    with a modern and friendly environment, where each debtor can seek information on digital services and available arrangement and final settlement options and apply online.

Debtors are offered a wide range of e – services. Among other:

e-Debt Settlement application

Submit an online debt settlement request, from wherever the debtor is, in just a few steps, avoiding waiting time. The user can complete all actions required for the settlement, such as proposing the installment he wants in the new arrangement, attaching required documents for assessing and implementing the request etc.


Through the e-Signature service the debtor quickly completes signing his debt settlement agreement, with just one click, easily and safely from anywhere. The debtor communicates directly with a company’s representative and receives a link at his email. Using this link, he can sign electronically the settlement agreement (using an OTP code), and immediately completes his arrangement, without having to wait at a physical service point. He also receives digitally a copy of the signed contract.


Through the e-Payment online service, the debtor after contacting a company’s representative, receives an email with a payment request, where he can find a code and the amount to be paid. The payment is implemented safely for a maximum amount of €2.000 for each transaction, free of fee.

Online Advisor – Contact a specialized representative

Through the online Advisor service one can contact a specific representative of the company through video call. This can be done by appointment, without any additional charge.

e-KYC «Meet your client» - Updating identification data digitally

Customer identification data update through video call, after registering an online request.

e-documents - Digital document transmission

The debtor can digitally attach documents regarding his debt.

e-forms – Digital templates of forms for debt related issues

Available templates of forms related with debt management, such as authorization to a third party, debt arrangements under the Code of Conduct, submit an objection in the context of the Code of Contact, as well as forms related to assessing special categories of personal data.


Submit online requests for, debt updates, acquiring certificates for, debt, repayment, installments, interest, account movements, information on instalment / account, apply online for, endorsement removal, as well as replacement and renewal of insurance.

Personalized offers for debt arrangements.

Through an integrated digital network at the company’s site ( it is possible for interested parties to receive personalized solutions for their debt, adjusted to their needs. Once the agreed solution is accepted an immediate settlement of the debt proceeds. Do value stands next to the debtors’ needs and offers a new service perspective providing immediate solutions through the most contemporary and innovative digital tools.